How it works in Training and Registration for a project

A potential entrepreneur must attend one of our events on self-reliance which encompasses entrepreneurship. Here you are trained on how to run and sustain a start-up business. Register and tell us your story and let us know how much you think you need to start your business idea. A page explaining your idea will be available on our website where you’ll be able to explain why you need funding and maybe even add a few photos or a short video explaining what you plan to do. We will give you a dedicated staff to help you with preparations. You will pay K.Sh. 2,000 as a registration fee, the funds which will be used to help in preparation of requisite materials.

How it works in Publishing and launching the Campaign

We will publish your project and develop a good awareness campaign about your project, build a strategy to deliver your message to the crowd and launch your campaign to start receiving donations.  

It’s your work as the owner of the campaign to ensure the success of the campaign. Share with family and friends and encourage them to contribute. Our built-in connections to Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Linkedin, and Email make sharing easy and an amazing experience. You can invite backers, people who will help you to bring donors on the platform. The campaign will run for a maximum of three months.

How it works in Withdraw funds and starting your enterprise

Once you are fully funded you will receive the funds collected to start your business idea. The dedicated team will ensure that you have registered your business and walk with you for three months to give you the much needed moral support in your new venture. We will connect you with our partners for further assistance with requisite business tools and services. We will take six percent (6%) of the total amount collected, the amount which will support our activities and ensure the sustainability of this platform. 

How it works in Reporting

Make changes, post updates and send thank-you notes to all those who contributed to your campaign. Our dedicated team will train and guide you on keeping a healthy social media updates. Remember those who supported your campaign are potential customers. Meet your tax obligations and when business grows, employ someone.  

Why join us? UKenya ni Undugu, Undugu ni Kufaana

A dedicated support team

We have a dedicated team of experts in diverse fields to support you and assist you refine your story or focus to realize your campaign.

Access to our rich networks

We are well networked through the diversity of our team and partners. We will connect you with our IT partner for that beautiful business website or that business support services firm.

Marketing Support

We will support your campaign with a newsletter mention, a press release and social media posts. Our team will guide you to establish your social media platforms.

Professional Business Coaching

You will benefit from advice on your business plan from Goblis Group Foundation. We exist to help you establish a successful social enterprise to support your family and community.

Continuous Improvements

We continually look to improve the way we support you with your crowdfunding campaign and the success of your enterprises.